Manager Profile – Jason Pospishil

Jason “Pops” Pospishil will be entering his first season as the manager of the Sydney Blue Sox this year. Pops has been with the Sydney Blue Sox since the team re-started in 2010 as an assistant coach, often coaching 1st or 3rd. The front office has such strong faith in Pops to lead the Blue Sox back to the Claxton Shield that they have given him a 2 year contract (the first multi-year contract of a Blue Sox manager under the new ABL format yet).

Pops has a lot of faith in the team coming into this year, and has proven time and again to truly be a players manager, not a front office manager. It is not uncommon to look out on the field and see Pops there having a toss with a player or even coming into the office early so he can help his players who have other commitments. Being with the team for the past 2 years, he has truly developed a great relationship with the players, and it is no surprise the team looks up to him and respects him on and off the field.

Jason has been working hard during the off-season to put together the best possible team for the upcoming season. He does not hesitate in stating that he believes the Blue Sox will have the strongest pitching staff in the ABL with a solid mix of established talent (former MLB pitchers) and top of the line potential youngsters. With that in mind, Pops has been putting together a great Spring Training schedule, with a healthy dose of practices, work-outs, inter-squad scrimmages and exhibition games. Pops is confident that come opening day, the Blue Sox will be THE team to beat in the ABL.

Pops was known as a SS during his playing days, but that certainly did not hold him back, as he truly was an athlete, being able to play all positions.  The Minnesota Twins signed him as a SS,  however, used Pops as an outfielder in their minor league system. During his days playing professional ball in Europe, Pops truly was utilized as a middle infielder. Once Pops decided to hang-up the cleats, his career as a manager began. Jason just recently returned from a coaching job with the Minnesota Twins, leading their extended Spring Training Rookie Ball team.

Pops, a Penrith native, is incredibly excited to be leading the Blue Sox this year. In his free time, he enjoys a good round of golf, and supporting the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Minnesota Twins in the MLB and considers himself a “massive” South Sydney Rabbitohs fan of the NRL. Also a jokster, he can often be heard around the stadium saying that the team he hates the most is the Baltimore Orioles and Melbourne Storm. At the end of the day, it is not uncommon to find Pops reading a Batman comic (his favorite) and enjoying some home baked cookies or brownies.


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